Crayta is a collaborative game creation and sharing platform built using Unreal Editor 4. Our goal is to enable and empower everyone to make games!


Crayta's goal of making game creation accessible to everyone is a continuation of a vision held by many Unit 2 Games staff for a long time. Key Unit 2 Games staff worked previously on an indie games marketplace (IndieCity), as well as on an unreleased sandbox UGC MMO called SkySaga.


  • Our vision is to make high-quality game creation and publishing accessible to the mass market, enabling people of all ages, experience, ability and background to make and publish their own games for a global audience.
  • Creation and play in Crayta are real-time, multiplayer, seamless experiences and both use the same client.
  • Basic players can create and publish a simple multiplayer game in as little as 15 minutes (without the need to code or use other specialised skills).
  • Advanced developers can create complex games limited only by their imagination, iterate and improve on them using Crayta’s analytic dashboards. and even earn a revenue share from Unit 2 Games.


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Selected Articles

  • The unique aspect of Crayta, after watching copious amounts of footage, is the learning curve of its game creation tools.
    Laura Kate Dale, Kotaku
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About Unit 2 Games

Unit 2 Games is an indie developer founded by passionate and highly-driven industry veterans, and located in Leamington Spa, UK. They are excited to be building Crayta - an original, accessible, and collaborative game-making ecosystem, using Unreal Engine 4.
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